Monday, December 26, 2011



Dh cuti 2 hr mcm heaven gile.. bla nk stat keje memg liat.. lg2 dgn keadaan skang.. memg menyakitkan hati.. nanti dtg tsunami plak.. perghh.. cmane la nk hdpi bnd nih.. Ak hrp sgt Allah permudahkan cara.. mcm serbut je nk g keje tiap2 hr.. rimas!

bln dpan wpon dh stat sekolah, tp tiap mggu ms ak full gile ah.. wedding. very happy kwn ms kecik ak nk kawen da.. tahniah to her (Ana). teringt lg kenangan ms kecik.. gado sume. sb umah dekt xdala lama gado.. bla dh besar ak dh merntau, kurg sket ngan dia.. kdg2 je bla balik kg ak singgh umah dia sembang2.. tup2 nak kawen dh..haish~

then, kwn U plak nk kawen. plus ada kenduri cukur jambul ank cousin ak.. yg ni paling rpt ngan aku ms kecik. smpai skang bla pandang dia, mesti teringt kejhtan ak kt dia.. dia ni cm lembut sket.. wpon ak ni suke pnjt pokok smpai pucuk, jatuh ats reban ayam sume, ak still main masak2.. ngan Ana la.. ak bengan je sb dia xnk ikt org lain g main dia tetp ikt bntot aku.. naik rimas. so, 1 hr tu ak mrh sgt, ak hentak kepala dia kat digding.. ingt lg ms tu nenek ak tgah menjahit inner sari, trus lari tarik cousin ak nih.. cousin ak ni laki.. pastu nenek ak mrhla aku.. aish! memg tensi woo klu org asek ikt bntot je.. dia laki ak pmpuan.. skang dia chef. klu ak tau dia memg suke msk, ak bia je dia ikt aku.. tp tensi gak sb suke perli ak sb dia fkr ak still boyish cm dulu n x reti msk.. eskuse me.. ak dh reti msk ok.. stkt ni xdala yg keracunan mkn mskan aku..ahahha... tp dia ni msk western je.. so, bla balik kg, dia msk memg muka terpksa je mkn bnd2 pelik tu.. tp dia msk mskan melayu agk fail so, ak menang gak la.. kan duk Malaysia nih.. bkn duk lua negara. tp sepjg ak kawan ngan mana2 lelaki masing2 suke western..tensi~ (-_-")

skang ni cousin ak ni dh ada ank. means dh jd father to a son.. im so happy.. dia ni sebaya ngan aku tp agk pasif.. ak je mcm lanun. tp akula slalu back up dia klu gado.. ceh2,, mcm hero aku ni..kahkah.. klu fkr balik btl ke ak ni mcm jantan dulu.. tp btlla, kebykn lelaki skeliling ak lembut n pasif..kehkeh.. itula namanya "positive attractive". =)

smpai skang ni pon family ak suke cite perangai ak yg boyis ms kecik. mana pokok kt kg ak xpnjt, sume dh. cume skang dh xda sume pokok tu, so xda bukti.. ak dulu pon xda la pndai nk ukir " linda the great was here" kt pokok tu..ahahah.. mgkn sb tu hati aku agk kers.. n mlt memg suke melepas. better than ak ckp blakang n sakit hati.. slain tu ada bnd yg ak xleh lupa abg ak yg penakut ms kecik.. ktrg ni beza x jauh.. dlm2 thun, lahir pon dlm bulan yg sm, n dekat2.. dia 21hb aku 24hb.. abg ak ni memg gile2 pasif.. sgt pendiam sume.. nk ktkan 1 hr tu dia nk g toilet, mak ak suh pegi.. ms tu duk bemban.. toilet ak tu bersmbung ngan pintu blakang, n bwh pintu tu berlubang utk memudhkan kemasukan serangga termasuk ular.. ms tu ada cicak mati dlm toilet, abg ak pth balik dia suh ak tman sb ada cicak mati.. ak pon jd guard ms abg ak g toilet..

lg satu ak ni ganas, dulu kusi umah rotan, lari2 kna sagat, kua drh.. abg ak dh mcm meroyan ak xpsn ada drh smpai mak ak tnjuk.. muka still xda persn, pas mak ak cuci, ak smbung terkam abg aku.. ahahah.. memg fkr baik rs ktrg ni slh waktu lahir.. mgkn ak ni lelaki dia pmpuan.. abg ak sgt teliti wat keje smpai ak kategori dia lembab. ak ni buat keje cpat tp kekemasan sume memg ke laut..

hmm.. dh melalut2..mgkn hrni hepi sket..

Ya Allah, ak berterima kasih atas rezekimu. ak bersyukur dgn hidayah yg kau berikan pada dia dan aku hrp ia akan berkekalan. Ak mohon berilah petunjuk dan hidayah pada orang yang menyesatkan dia.. Ak amat bersyukur atas perubahannya.. Amiinn...

seorang ank dan hamba-Mu.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blogging till the end of 2011


Look like i manage to update my blog again this month. who knows. being free and im quite bored with days lately. finish my day in office n bla..bla..bla.. its quite free now after come out the necessary DN. and its finish already.. horeayy! but still shaking to wait what will happen next for year end closing.. is it terrible as i heard before? i will experience it dis year..

love to say n Insyallah one of my close friend in UKM will get married in January. She just get engaged last couple of week if not mistaken. cant wait to attend her wedding coz its involved two country. female side from Malaysia and Male side from Indonesia. during the engagement also we can see the different of two tradition. its quite impressive to see what end up her relationship now after a lot of obstacle from one side of the family.. Along, may your relationship last forever and get blessed! Insyallah.. I pray for your happiness.. (T_T)

As a friend its really touch to see your friends get marry even engaged. means, they are in a new phase and it will be continued into the serious phase which is having family. no more days of childish, stupid things and flirting around. u wont get closed anymore esp for a woman. new surrounding, new responsibility and new 'term' of life. become a mother or father..

its quite weird in what happen to me this last few month, i know it has a reasons. Ya Allah please save my people around me and avoid them from the bad people.

just realize i dont have much time for myself.. next Saturday is black weekend for me.. me and my colleague have to go to site for stock count purpose. and next weekend had some celebration then come the end of the year for annual celebration for company. i hate dinner. have to use money and mind. wastage of my cells and financial. but already save money by borrowing.. Who cares??hehe..

Ok, this chinese new year i have plotted my calendar for my friends wedding plus my trip also. can be considered i think. at Terengganu.. Need to find best place to go. maybe can be consider for masjid besi, pulauan and so on.. already found one as my our guide but she also need Garmin.. ceh.. neber mind la.. I wish it can be true!

Last not least, want to share one quote from my friends, thanks to her~

"If you feel you being disappointed by some one, that means you learning not to giving hope"

Sunday, December 4, 2011

pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness.


Too much dis time for not updating my blog for almost 3 month.. Cant believe to be in December. Hey! i feel like just a couple days ago celebrating New Year 2011.. Come on! keep up ur mind 2011 will be leaving and head into 2012. for those people who really care about a good number for wedding, engagement or any special day 2012 is the last. pick ur date 20.12.2012/12.12.12 or whatever cause month got only 12. Oh! i already have a niece. adorable~ cannot tahan to penyek2 her everyday until my mom scold me.

cute jumper.
maybe she will be in pink team like her mom. oh no!

For this 2 month two share my path of life or journey really can burst my cell to re-call. im having my forum for officer, orientation after my 6 month working life in Brunsfield. Dont u think orientation just for a new appointments? not including my employer. once a year no matter u have been in the company for almost 1 year, 3 year or more than that. if u havent go, u have to go. shit man! for older it really borrriiinnnggggg.....

Last week i went to Breast cancer awareness talk. guess what i learn a lot. please go through my points;

i. people who didnt get married vs people who get married but yet no children got the same risk of breast cancer.

ii. the more u have breast feed, the less u got he risk for it.

iii. wearing bra in ur sleeptime, or wearing 'wired-bra' not give any risk for breast cancer. not because it have been proved but no research have been made from this factor to prove its one of the risk to get this cancer.

iv. some woman got pimple come out around the surface of the breast, its not one of the factor that make u in risk of having breast cancer. it just a common thing when ur skin been clogged (sumthing like cause of having pimple on ur face)

v. two types of normal examination for woman, mammogram and pap smear. pap smear test need to be have just AFTER u sexually active. mammogram need after 40s and above. pap smear after u give birth. (normally)

vi. Breast cancer is PAINLESS, it get pain just after it spread into ur lungs, blood cell, brain cell or any vital cells.

vii. Regular breast examination and mammograms can detect smaller lumps.(so rajin2 la buat esp after period)

viii. For woman, the most highest cancer is Breast cancer, for man, prostate and colonoscopy (google and find urself what it is), i think for who are a hard-smoker or even smoker should stop ur habits coz it is a major factor.

Finish on that. After 2011 give me a lesson to think twice (even more) about my life and my target. what i do for 2011? what i achieved? to list ur goals set is easy but to fulfill it is another story to be focus. My list for 2012? married? no! its been kick for miles away. im just a human. but im not avoid it. should i list my target? i dont think so. for my life for 23 years im never believe on having list or goals even during my big exam, i just go through it coz i know that im not a person who really always well-prepared, organized and so on. im just me, who like to have my life on the dot of time it goes into my mind. bad huh? no target, no goals and even dont know what i want. eh, wait! i want a happy family. can i get it?? please.. oh man, just like im monolog while im typing. did i have to change? maybe i should have my own target. can i said my dream also is my target? i always want to have another convocation, i do want to have my masters, i do want to have my own house.. maybe it can be my target for 2012. not bad for a beginner. =)

i hope i will be more matured and well organized. for seriously i do a big mistake for announcing that not confirmed yet. now,im suffering to answered all of the questions. something make me down and frustrated.! not suitable to open it up. but its really make me miserable. stop hoping!

time off dear.maybe next IF i have my goals for my 2012 i will share. em, im not sure when i will have my time to updating my blog. for this december will be my first year to involved in Year end closing. its already make me feel sick enough. it will be end mid of January next year. Happy advance new year. lets welcoming 2012 and hope it will be a better year than another. (no comment for 20.12.2012, but i hope it will be always be my reminder. Wallahualam.)

Bla pkai tudung je dia dh ckp "kakak, nak ikut". so, ak tercair and akan bwk dia wpon nk g alih kete je. (-_-") stop buli me la kecik!

p.s: first when i see calendar, first Ramadhan will be on 21.7.2012. (^_^)/

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a record for a month

really impress what already happened in my day and night for the whole of this month. being so depress for almost the whole month. its really make me exhausted.

i just need someone to see into my eyes and listen instead of telling me what should i do.
some one that can lend me their shoulder to wipe my tears and relief me out from this feeling. some one that can give me a spirit and just give me a smile to prove that im still needed in this life.

even i know everything goes for a reason reciprocally i just want to know the reason to makes me understand and ready. im thinking how small heart that i have but carries a lot of feeling. love, hatred and sadness. just imagine how its feels until it just wait to blow out.

the best treatment is to be alone and give yourself some space to cry and let it goes along with ur tears.

sometimes u got to learn to smile through the pain.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Marathon on weekend.

Hrni, nk xnak kena gak update blog uk weekend pny.. mggu lpas serius pnat gile n ofkos gembira jgak sb my bb dtg ms wedding wani n half of konvoi raya.. mak ak pon tny gak bla menantu aye dia nk dtg.. kebetulan plak..

On Sat, hbs je keje trus g wedding wani, luckily ak pegi ms nikah dia. so, even ak dtg lmbt ms resepsi dia, at least ak dpt gak jumpa kwn lama yg x jumpa since form 4. masing2 sebok tny bla turn ak.. mcm soalan wajib plak bla jumpa member2 skang nih.. ms wedding wani ni ak bwk Miss GPS aku a.k.a yana.. nasib dia sudi nk ikt n bawak ak g embassyview n amek miss Ilya

Wani, Semoga Berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat..=)


Umi n Miss GPS

Then, after wedding wani, kul 2 lbh grak balik n rushing to embassyview. giler kentang ms tu hujan lebat gile. bsh lencun. Sian yana sb x sempt nk ry umah sy.. xpela next time bebeh. ry sebulan. ms ni x blh lupa yana asek ngomel dia suka gile ak ngan bf ak.. dia nk ktrg cept kawen n ada ank cepat.. tetba rs sedih plak.. hmm..

ok, nak tau embassiview tu apa? since ak keje kat syarikt construction, embassyview ni slh satu projek company ak yg dh siap.. kra berunity n menyambut hari raya skali la.. nk show off ke? ahahah.. besela.. embassyview ni kondo y terletak kat jalan ampang sebelah perkeso.. hrga dia half million.. penthouse je dh 7 million. ms ni ada gak lwtn ke penthouse tp ak sebok main kt GF ngan yana after asar.. so, xdala pic night view kt penthouse. kul 7 waktu dinner. after maghrib ktrg pon g mkn. ms ni ngan yana je. bg menhilangkan rs sedih dia sb asek dpt sad face ms main game.. lbh 1 jam ak berkelah ngan dia bersama kak shafa n husband dia. lpas je mkn trus main balik. ms game last bru yana dpt 1 smiling face and aku 2.. tp hadiah tetp sm.. konpius gakla.. tp janji enjoy. after balik tu, g amek ilya kat PJ.

Sayang, nk mcm ni blh?

Since ini musim raya, rs mcm blm ptt je up pic raya.. next updates..

P/S: Cik Illiyana as requested..

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Monday sickness btl hrni.. Mengantuk, Bosan sumelah.. Pastu xda keje taip nama bf sdr kt google. tp sb ofis aku ni pelik, ak type la satu2.. pastu ak komenlah.. hehe.. I love u b..

I = Ikhlas
B = Bijaksana
N = Naif
U = Untung
F = Fleksibel
A = Amanah
D = Dinamik
H = Harum
I = Idealistik
L = Lemah Lembut

Wah.. mcm gile hebat kan orgnye..

1. Ikhlas.
Yes, dia sgt ikhlas orgnye.. ikhlas menyayangi sy, wpon sy ni xda apa2. dan ikhlas juga mengutuk saya. Setakat ni mcm2 pggilan dh sy dpt dr dia pumpkin, bucuk, bulat, debab dll. (gile ikhlas n jujur.)

2. Bijaksana.
Setakat ni tgk, memg bijakla.. sume bnd ak tny kat dia. esp, psl agama.. mungkin x seperfect ustaz tp dia byk tau.. dulu klu ms mula2 kawn, tgk result dia gile gempak. tp x sume akn berada kat ats kan.. dia sgt pndai cntrl keadaan.. kdg2 dgn 1 perkataan je dia blh buat mrh sy reda.. dia pndai gak amek hati mak saya. plg impress ayah pon blh open dh pasl dia..=)

3. Naif.
Yang ni kdg2 je.. xdala naif sgt. rsnye ak yg naif sb slalu kna main dgn dia.. uppsss.. main kan dgn perktn. Dia suke ckp sesuatu ngan cnfident n ak tukang percy.. pastu dia suke glakkan aku kuat2.. citt
('When u laugh at ur own jokes, thats when i know that i love u more than anything".)

4. Untung.
Hmm.. ni nk ckp untung dr segi apa eh>? klu dr segi dpt org cm aku, mcm kurg untung je.. tp mgkn dr segi lain.. ermm.. dia sgt untung dpt keluarga yg sgt perfect.. Dia untung sb dia ada peluang utk explore dunia.. n stkt ni tgk dia berniaga, untung je..hehe

5. Fleksibel.
haaa,, yg ini Strongly Agreed. coz anytime ddia blh ada kat mana2. esp, kwn dia minx tlg.. its normal klu lelaki pentingkan kwn dia.. ak pon x blh nk kt apa tp jeles jgak sb dia ada kwn yg rpt dr kecik smpai besar. then, dia blh accept cmane aku.. cthnya, ak kt x cnfirm ngan sesuatu bnd n ak suh tunggu final decision, dia ok je.. apa je keputusan akhir ak, dia ok je.. n ak salute sb dia sgt penyabar orgnye.. ak rasa hubungan ak kekal smpai skang ngan dia pon sb sifat tu.. mak ak pon ckp..thanks sayang~

6. Amanah.
yes. dia sgt amanah. ada pnah skali tu ak suh buat apa ntah, n bnd tu sgt sensitif sb melibtkan password, n ak ckp jgn sentuh apa2, dia begitu amanah x buat. klu nk bndg ngan org yg sentiasa curious tu, memg dh hlang sift tu..

7. Dinamik.
err,, apa mksd yg betul pasl dinamik ea? Serba boleh rsnye..klu ikt mksd ni, serba boleh tu utk certain bnd yg dia mint la.. eh, tp dia dh pndai msk.. ok la tu.. tp dia sgt independent orgnye...

8. Harum?
eerrrr.. xtau cmane la nk jwb. skip jela..=P

9. Idealistik.
Yang ni blh thn kot. but equal.. idea jht ngan baik.. memg ak pon suka mintak idea dia klu nk buat pape.. 1 ak ni mls nk berfkr.. lg2 pasl pemilihan bj bla nk kua. wpon kdg2 ak x ikt tp most of it very helpfull..

10. Lemah lembut.
Aish, nape x lincah instead of lemah lembut. ni mak mcm blh bc je fkrn mak ak.. ahahah.. mak ak kt bf ak ni lembut je nk dibandingkan ak yg kers hati n kasar nih. Memgla, dia lyn sume org pon lembut. memg dia lembut hati, esp melibtkan mak dia.. dia blh nangis klu tgk mak dia nangis. n hati dia sgt sensitip. kira lembut la tu... ak n dia ibrt tisu muka ngan tisu toilet kan beza struktur nye..ahahhaha=P

Dats all la.. but tp (perlu ke nak translate?) ini sekadar terjemahan je.. jgnla percaya sgt..=)

to b: jgn mare..=))

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Together we learn.


Kali ni kta update blog kat opis plak.. bosan gle, banyak acces internet byk kena block! cit~ but better la.. at least blhla nk pusing2. Datang keje awl pagi, slain x pegi breakfast n snaman mulut pagi2 ngan kwn opis, ktrg akn duk opis, tgk emel, clean emel, bc paper, sembang2.. klu byk keje tu, smpai kul 7 pon dh stat buat keje.. Harini lagi sorg kwn aku akn bergelar isteri.. Yang kira rpt, ini yg ke2 pny wedding.. kwn ak xdala rmai sgt dah kawen tp klu tgk fb tu, melampau je skang, sebut psl harga hantaran kawen la, pastu profile pic nk ltak pic tgah hold baby atau pic baby.. musim kot~ maklumla nk dekat hjg thun ni, kad kawen pon byk je smpai kt umah..

Before ni ada ckp pasl contribution as a brunsfielders, pegi sport club bagai. Tp dh byk kot aktiviti ofis yg ak escape. bkn sb mls tp suke sgt buat masa x sesuai.. besok, pas keje, trus g wedding, and then before 3.30 dh kna smpai embassyview utk family day brunsfield. dalam hati mula dh memg nk escape tp compulsary plak. siap ada attendance bagai.. hmm.. macam2.. duduk dalam company besar kenalah hadapi pelbagai bnd yg baru.. sbnarnya xdala nk cr keje kat company besar je tp kebetulan je dpt keje kat company cmni.. before ni nama Brunsfield pon ak xpnah dgr, n x pnah tau pon dia buat apa.. Member offer keje, amek jela.. sbnrnya nak cr keje yg at least blhla nk bernafs, smpan duit sume.. memg sini dptla tp keje memg x blh bla.. Nak hujung tahun ni kena buat Tax computation, ajar pny ajar, terkejut dorg ak xpnah blaja tax, memg x la.. ak ni kan budak Finance.. tp at least ak blaja bnd baru.. tax ni kira better tp rs takut utk menghadapi year end closing n nak menjawab segala soalan dr auditor. Ya Allah permudahkanla kerja hambamu ini..Amiin.

Semalam sambut burfday colleague ofis. Share sket pic kawn2 kat ofis.. scroll down..=)

hujung skali tu kak nadian, dia sifu ak kat office. thanks ea.=)

Kak Shafa, Kak suria, Yana, n Umi.

Klu nak di katakan blog ni mcm diari org tp ak xdala nk ltak sume kisah hdup ak dlm ni.. Azam thun ni nk jd lebih matang, n kurgkan marah. =P ak pnah gak terfikir nk cite kisah ak n kwn ak kt sini, sb klu tgk org berkwn or bercinta, once kawen siap ada buku sume dia ltak sume kenangn bersama, tp ak xda menyimpan smpai plastik coklat n gule2 sume.. tiket wayang pon dh xda smpan. dulu ak da smpan tp byk kna buang ngan mak , so pasni xpyh smpan. n ak pon bkn pndai simpan lg2 kertas ni.. memg xkn nmpak pon nilai estetika bnd tu.. tgkla klu ada ms terluang ak buatla.. n act, ak ni pon bkn a good lover. memang malang btl sp dpt ak ni gaknyer.

Hrni mcm mulakan hr dgn mood yg sedih. msg2 ngan dia mcm panas je.. nape ek? hmm.. mgkn bz nk exam.. nk tny ke msg apa pon x blh.. mcm dia plak yg byk mrh skang. Allah balas balik n bagi apa yg dia rs slama ni kat aku kot. kadang2 kta x sdar, 1 bnd yg kta smpan tu blh buat lama2 bnd tu jd bsar. sb tula kot dlm hubgna ni essentialnya kna ada "trust" n toleransi. Slama ni pon ak xpnah pon buat bnd baik kt dia, mrh2 sume tu mcm bnd biasa. Sapa yg xnak berubah, tp nk ubah bnd melibatkan emosi ni kena dr dalam. btl x apa yang ak ckp, klu dr dalam pon ko x betul, apa yg ko express akan kluar bnd tu.. Dulu, mgkn ak slhkan apa org skeliling ak buat smpai ak jd cmni, tp klu skarang, kna fkr balik, cmane nk hdapi bnd tu.. Klu mslh tu memg ko x blh lari, cr jalan nk hadapi. mgkin ak ni x pndai kwl emosi. oh, yes. precisely! Ada org pnah kt mslh ak ni dgn sume bnd x puas hati, sume nk fkr negative. sb apa? pon x tau.

Rsnya mcm sebulan ni bz je hujung mggu.. tgk kalendar pon pnuh je.. skali sethun. =)

to wani : ' Selamat Pengantin Baru'

p/s: dis 18/9 complete 5 mth im in brunsfield. rsnye smpat ke ak cnfirm kt sini. Smpat klu xda better offer..hehe =D